We are the CAN Collective

A group of experienced and passionate animators including Igor Duspara, Steef Jacobs, Jonas Ott and Evert van der Veen. We love to create characters and telling stories. Our individual talents makes us to an all round team with strengths in script writing, storytelling, designing, animating and composing music, which gives us the possibility to deliver a high quality product in all necessary disciplines.

The topic stays central in our work, but it is finally the visual workout, which stays in your minds. In that case, we search for the perfect combination of a mind teasing and visually appealing product. Our work is playful and humoristic but serious if necessary.

We all met during our BA Animation studies at the beautiful Art Academy St. Joost in Breda. In the graduation year we worked shoulder to shoulder in a little stinky room under the roof of our former monastery school building. After this one year 24/7 man cave situation, we decided to expand and continue the successfully started working relationship. The foundation of the “collective” was built. And after opening the 398th can of beer, also the name of the collective has been found: It’s the “CAN Collective”.

Evert van der Veen

Evert used to be a religious farm boy from the North of Holland. Once he moved to the “big” city he sold his ice skates to afford a computer thats when his addiction for animation and music started. Thanks to his new hobbies he created a great gift for animating and composing music. He often combines his two passions in his work.

Steef Jacobs

Steef loves collecting things. Especially stamps and marbles. In 1999 he was champion of his schools playground in playing marbles. From then on an interest in cool shiny things was born, that’s why he still has a weakness for shiny balls. The majority of his work is atmospheric. Where the others are specialised in characters, Steef loves to create abstract work.

Igor Duspara

Igor is a skating techboy with a big love for big size home cinema systems to reach the best result enjoying Baywatch. But Igor is also a brilliant drawer. His sketch books are filled with his surrealistic drawings which he also uses in his beautiful hand drawn animations.

Jonas Ott

Jonas is Swiss. He eats cheese fondue every day and to compensate the mountains, he drives 5 times a day over the highway bridge to have made some meters in altitude. Through traveling he picks up funny moments and weird stories, which you can usually find back in his work. He’s a great storyteller and knows to add a sharp edge to every project.